It’s the last day of the year. I just got back from work and got into bed as fast as I could. I’ll be working tomorrow and I have a cold so it’s the perfect excuse for me to entirely skip New Year’s. I’ll be cuddling up in bed with a cup of tea and Animal Farm (first read) that just arrived yesterday through airmail. Best New Year’s EVER!

It’s probably the fist time when I get to do something I actually feel comfortable doing on this last night of the year- which is, act as if it’s any other night of the year. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing really special about it. For people who look for excuses to get drunk 3 days in a row, it is of course a goldmine of justification to do so and pressure others to behave in the same way. I don’t really care if people choose to get shit-faced whenever they want so it kind-of gets on my nerves when others care so much about the fact that I don’t get drunk (on New Year’s or many other nights of the year). I guess it’s understandable though, if you don’t feel comfortable getting drunk without an excuse, other people not having the same need might ring some alarms that are easier left ignored.

However this night turns out now, all I can say is that I had fun in 2016. I’ve been getting more comfortable with myself and I’ve stopped explaining myself as much- some people are not worth the effort, you know. I like the fact that I’m starting to get some experience in life as I’ve been making mistakes with confidence. I have been trying to live without making expectations and soon I’d like to try and make some predictions to see how that’s going to turn out.

My main resolution for the year is to continue in the same direction, learn and bang my head on a few more walls- you never know maybe one of them breaks down and I’ll find myself in Diagon Alley. Happy New Year!


Feminism vs Females

On the bus today, during rush hour traffic when children are going home from school and most people are in the middle of Christmas shopping. The buss is obviously crowded. After I successfully punch my ticket I move around to find enough standing space, like most of the people around me.

As I look around I notice a pretty young lady, all made up in the face with curly hair sitting down on one of the chairs and womenspreading her luggage on the seat next to her. I give her the stink-eye and 2 seconds later I hear the lady behind me asking: ‘Who’s bag might that be?’ to which the womanspreader has nothing left to do but reply but ‘Mine.’ I look behind me at the lady as she goes ‘Then ca I please take a seat?’ My Hero.

Please note how easily my little story passes the Bechdel Test showing that women base their interactions on things other than men- like calling each other on our bull shit. Of course the whole ting might be deemed worthless proof of this as the whole time I was thinking of how amused my boyfriend would be by the scene.